Administrative Policies

Student Scheduling
Observed Holidays and Breaks
Inclement Weather
Attendance and Truancy
 - Prearranged Absences
 - Tardiness
 - Early Checkouts
Student Dress Code
Library and Internet Usage


Student Scheduling

Regan Secondary’s curriculum emphasizes the mastery of four core subjects, English, history/social sciences, laboratory sciences, and mathematics.  Thus, these core courses are allotted more time than elective courses in the daily schedule and are, correspondingly, worth more academic credits. 

Each day, students will report to homeroom where they will receive announcements, information, and have their attendance taken.  The daily schedule consists of two core courses and two electives.  Core courses run for 120 minutes each and elective courses run for 80 minutes each.  This allows each teacher to continuously conduct core class sessions for longer periods.  There are three minutes between each period for getting to and from classes and lunch breaks are 40 minutes long.  There are two daily schedules that rotate every other day to ensure that time among the courses is distributed evenly.  The days are distinguished as “Blue” and “Gold” days.  Below is an example of the timetable.  In the event of a late opening, refer to the RRSS website to view the one-hour or two-hour delay schedules.




Blue Day

Gold Day

8:00A – 8:10A





8:13A – 10:13A


Core 1



10:16A – 12:16P


Core 2



12:19P – 12:59P





1:02P – 2:22P


Elect 1



2:25P – 3:45P


Elect 2



Observed Holidays and Breaks

  •          Labor Day – first Monday of September
  •          Native American Day – second Monday of October
  •          Veterans Day – November 11th, or the preceding Friday, if November 11th falls on a weekend
  •          Thanksgiving Break – no school starting from Thanksgiving Eve until the return to school that following Monday
  •          Winter Break – no school starting from Christmas Eve until the return to school on January 3rd of the next year.  If January 3rd falls on a weekend, the return to school will be on the following Monday.
  •          Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – third Monday of January
  •          Washington’s Birthday – third Monday of February
  •          Spring Break – The last Monday through Friday week of March
  •          Memorial Day – last Monday of May
  •          Independence Day – July 4th, or the preceding Friday, if July 4th falls on a weekend

Academic Calendar

Every school year will have an academic calendar published on the school’s website.  Such calendars will indicate all holidays and breaks as well as the quarterly start and end dates.

Attendance and Truancy

Regular and timely attendance reinforces healthy study habits, learning, and membership within the Ronald Reagan Secondary School community.  Students who are healthy and available are required to attend all classes.  If a student is ill or otherwise unavailable to attend classes, his or her parents must provide written notice to the school of the student’s intended or past absence.  The notice should contain the following information: student name, grade, date(s) of absence, and reason(s) for absence.  Student quarterly and annual reports do indicate absences and tardy days.  Commonly acceptance reasons for absence are below.

  •          Illness of student
  •          Death in the family
  •          Appointment with medical personnel
  •          Observance of a religious holiday
  •          Prearranged parental endorsed absence
  •          Other reasons to be approved by principal

Prearranged Absence

Notices for prearranged absences should be provided to the school in the above mentioned manner.  In addition to providing notice, students will receive a Prearranged Absence Form which will be signed by each of his or her teachers.  An approved prearranged absence allows for the school to know the whereabouts of its students and for students to make up any missed assignments during their absence.


Students who arrive tardy must report to the administrative office, complete the sign-in process, and provide an explanation for the tardiness.

Early Check-out

Students are not permitted to leave the school during the normal school day unless prior written approval is submitted by a parent or guardian.  Leaving school grounds without approval will result in disciplinary action.  Students and their authorized accompanying adults must sign‑out and leave school grounds together.

Inclement Weather

Certain weather conditions may worsen travel routes and render commutes unsafe.  These situations may cause RRSS to issue a notice of school closure or delay due to inclement weather or other concerns to safety.  Delays will either be for one or two hours and such delay schedules are available on the RRSS website.  Any school closure or delay announcement may be found on the RRSS homepage, radio, TV news stations.

Student Dress Code

Ronald Reagan Secondary School has enacted a school-wide dress code in order to create a safe environment that fosters learning and is free from indecent, offensive, or otherwise distracting attire.  The dress code applies during school hours and school sanctioned events.  Students are expected to arrive at RRSS groomed and dressed in accordance with the following:

  •          Attire and appearance must be neat and clean.
  •          Undergarments must not be visible, even when covered by a sheer material.
  •          Attire promoting, displaying, or referencing drugs, violence, sex, or gangs must not be worn.
  •          Facial hair must be neatly groomed and clean.
  •          Bottoms of dresses, skirts, and shorts must not be higher than the middle of the thigh.
  •          Tops, e.g. shirts, blouses, must have a full back portion and must not exhibit cleavage.
  •          Footwear must be worn at all times.

Library and Internet Usage

The school provides an online library, computer lab, and access to the internet as a research tool and service to its students.  Inappropriate use of these resources will result in disciplinary action.  Students are expected to follow posted rules and guidelines and use the resources as intended.  The following list of inappropriate activities is not to be considered all inclusive.  Students may not use school resources to:

  •          Commit crimes or otherwise break any state or federal laws
  •          Play games
  •          Pirate software or violate copyrights
  •          Create inflammatory material
  •          Access or transmit any form of pornography
  •          Download or install unapproved software
  •          Change the normal or prescribed behavior of the school’s network or connected systems