NCAA Eligibility

NCAA Eligibility


Students working toward academic eligibility through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) must meet several requirements throughout their high school careers. By meeting these requirements, students are able to participate in college sports.



Students are responsible for reading the NCAA Eligibility Center and referring to it for all specific questions regarding maintaining their NCAA eligibility. However, some of the main requirements are listed below.


Eight Consecutive Semesters: A student is allowed eight (8) consecutive semesters to meet graduation requirements. This starts with entrance into ninth grade.


Sixth Semester Transcript Review: Following the completion of the sixth semester, a student must submit his or her transcripts to the NCAA for approval. RRSS transcripts can be requested at information can be found in the NCAA Eligibility Center.


Students are also welcome to track their progress using the RRSS NCAA progress chart in addition to the NCAA Eligibility Center.